Mission Statement

Empowering and nurturing our young people with the word of God, enabling them to develop a Christ-like character. On a practical note, our young people have the capability to be very successful in their respective endeavours hence it is our aim to enhance and develop their leadership skills.

How We Do It

1. Ensuring each young person build the foundation of their relationship with Jesus Christ and inevitably other people. (There is a difference between knowing the Lord’s Prayer and knowing the Lord of the prayer). Developing good inter personal skills with their peers, teachers, parents and community at large is very important and we encourage the young ones to be very good citizens. They are taught to respect other people as in God’s eyes everyone has value. So giving people respect is one of the most effective ways of reaching them. That does not mean that they must demand respect in return. No, they must earn it.

2. Ensuring our young ones gather together in fellowship and show love to one another in Christ; The young ones are encouraged to build great relationships and influence others for God. Past testimonies and the lives of our young people indicates that they try to understand people , give others confidence and make others feel special. By giving priority to above, they lay the groundwork for great relationships and influence people for God.

3. Equipping each young person to share their faith and win souls for Christ. Jesus said Christians are to be “Fishers of Men” (Mathew 4:19);

4. Ensuring each young person is nurtured to reach their full potential; Our young people are dynamic and past testimonies is evidence that they positively impact their local community and society at large. We built our young ones to be successful and influence the nation at large.

5. Ensuring each young person is encouraged to have Godly-values (honesty, integrity, accountability etc..). Our young people are leaders of tomorrow and unlike reputation, their integrity is who they are when others are not looking. Therefore they are taught to know that their character is the sum total of their habits. Their everyday choices. Day by day, what they think, what they chose to do, what they do is what they become.