We are an outreach arm of the New Covenant Church UK. The ministry was founded on the belief that if we “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness”, everything else will be added unto us. We therefore seek to fulfill the Great Commission in Mark 16 verses 15-18.

Our mandate is to be soul winners, starting from the place where we live. Everyone should reach out to those who are yet to know the Lord Jesus Christ and seek opportunities to show the love of God to all people.

We enhance and facilitate the work of the church through teaching, training and setting Godly examples in the community.

Mothers Day 2015


Our Motto:

Every woman is a winner; every woman is a soul winner and every woman has a ministry.


The ministry has helped empower women in the Streatham branch by providing a platform to showcase women leaders both from the immediate community and the international arena. Our strengths include mobilising women of all ages, religion and race; creating a forum for spiritual enrichment and educating women on real life issues that matter to them such as raising Godly children, sustaining a healthier lifestyle, eradication of poverty through personal career and business development forums.

We also are involved in a charity ‘Liberty’ seeking to empower communities in ode, mind and Spirit in Africa. www.makingpeoplefree.org.uk

To contact us:

Email: cwf@nccstreatham.org.uk

Telephone: Folake Kuti 07958 238270 & Shade Olubumo 07452 953073