New Covenant Streatham Choir

New Covenant Streatham Choir

This department is blessed with professionals providing matured praise and worships music to lift the congregation to the throne of the most high God in all our services.

This team is so dynamic and full of young professionals that excel in their music career with the mind of worshiping the most high God.The ministry is made of the Living Voices of main choir, youth choir, children’s choir & family choir.

In addition to leading Sunday worship, the choir present a concert of sacred music or a choral evening once or twice a year .

These events give the choir a chance to prepare an extended work that may not be suited to the Sunday morning service but that contributes to the spiritual growth of the congregation.
The choirs are made up of volunteers from the church that view their choir membership as stewardship of their talents and time.

In fact, most choristers are very committed to their leadership role, often rehearsing for several hours each week, as well as being present for worship during midweek and sunday services, wedding ceremonies, funeral and special events.
Some singers commit to sing in the choir for a particular season, resulting in varying groups of people serving as the choir throughout the year.