20 | 30 Vision

NCC TwentyThirty Vision

2030 seeks to connect and empower people between the age of 18-35. Our aim is to connect and inspire young adults to build sustainable foundations that will enable them to live fulfilled and successful lives.

The four pillars we build are Spirituality, Careers, Personal Finance and Relationships.

Decisions made between the age of 20 & 30 can have a great impact on an individual’s life post 30. The bible contains many examples of successful people who made the right decisions and developed themselves between this age range to fulfil their God given purpose:

  • Joseph: Became ruler at about 30
  • Joshua: Probably started serving Moses at around 30
  • Daniel: Became PM at about 30
  • Jesus: Started His ministry at 30
  • Timothy: Pastoring and spreading the gospel in his 20s & 30s
  • God has great things in store for you as part of His Royal Priesthood!!!

Upcoming 20|30 Vision Events

Travis Greene; Live In London