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New Covenant Church: Our Vision & Belief

The Church has two foundations: Jerusalem and Rome. Under the Roman Emperor Constantine some corrupt practices were allowed into the church. Various attempts to reform the church since then have led to denominations and divisions in the Body of Christ.

In our time the Holy Spirit is not just reforming but restoring His Church back to the Jerusalem foundation. This vision of the Church is at the heart of the ministry of the New Covenant Church. Here the leadership is not sitting on top of a pyramid, but forming with Christ a platform (foundation) on which men called of God can freely exercise their ministries.
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aboutus-quoteNCC operates on the three pillars of Discipleship, Cell Group, and Celebration. The emphasis is on individual members making disciples on a one-to-one basis. The disciples meet from house to house for fellowship, mutual support and mentoring. These groups then meet on Sundays to celebrate Christ in corporate worship and ministry of the Word.

In a nation the branches of the church are divided into conferences headed by Conference Pastors. These pastors form the national council that govern and guide the affairs of the church, and are led by a National Overseer. In turn the National Overseers together with the General Overseer lead the global network of ministers.

Currently we operate in 25 countries: from Britain to Brazil, from Nigeria to Pakistan, from Spain to Canada, from Poland to USA.